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Elizabeth Mader

Elizabeth Mader

Survivor Renewal

Elizabeth is a 2nd year recipient of a Jeremy Cares Scholarship. She is studying Theater at Chapman University. She is a member of DKA, a business fraternity, which focuses on the film industry.

“Covid-19 has changed my life. The pandemic happened about three months before I was diagnosed with cancer, so the combination of the two profoundly affected me and my future. During the height of the pandemic, I decided to delve into an intense college and scholarship search, mostly because I did not really know what else to do. In doing so, I found Chapman University and their theatre program. I have fallen in love with my university, and I cannot be happier that I ended up choosing this school. Without Covid, I do not think I would have had the time or motivation to do an in-depth search. Covid made a lot of things difficult, but it also gave me a lot of time to truly focus on things that otherwise would have been swept aside. “

We cannot wait to see you do big things Elsie!

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