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I am Grateful Cancer Came to Me

Tim Tusick

$1000 Winner


Please say hello to Tim. Tim was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in March 2019. Tim is currently studying business management at Kent State University. His cancer journey has taught him a great deal. “I watched my hair fall out, my skin loose color, my muscles dwindle away, and my face bloat. My blood levels became dangerously low and my strength faded along with my immune system. I said goodbye to so many things that I love. My doctors told me no public place or event with numerous people would be safe for me and that I would have to wear a mask everywhere. I was told that I wouldn’t go to school for at least 2 years and that I would feel sick all the time. I was told that I would be exercise intolerant and that working out would be dangerous and difficult. My doctors told me all the side effects that I will experience from the constant chemotherapy I received. I was told that my life would suck for these next three years. After the first 30 days of chemotherapy, in-patient, my body was obliterated; I was so weak and exhausted all of the time. I remember staircases used to actually scare me. The hand I was dealt was not pretty, but I never stopped trying to improve upon myself. I believe that a person is not controlled by events but rather the view they take on them and that life is not about what happens to you, but more so how you respond to it. These past ten months have been the hardest days of my life but I am unimaginably content with myself and all that I have. When injustice is done to me, I never ask “why does this happen to me” or think about how “this isn’t fair”. Instead, I turn my cheek and look within myself, I find what is within my power to control and am overwhelmed with how much I have left to give to better my circumstances. Never will I let any external factor define me: “you may fetter my leg, but my will; not even Zeus himself can overpower”. I am grateful cancer came to me because it has brought far more good into my life than bad. Cancer taught me to love myself and to seek the best out of myself. Because of cancer, I have found a deeper appreciation for all that I’ve been given and I wake up with a bigger smile on my face every morning. “Almost nothing material is needed for a happy life for he who understands existence.”.

Tim we are grateful to have gotten the chance to meet you, to assist you in this journey, and can not wait to see where you go next.

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