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Living Logan's Legacy Everyday

Amira Massey

Sibling Renewal

$1000 Winner

Say hello to 2nd time winner Amira! She is a wonderful young lady who is currently attending Cleveland State University where she is studying speech pathology. She was on the Dean’s list in 2019, has been working with underprivileged children in Cleveland teaching them to read, and still found the time to volunteer for your very own Jeremy Cares!

Amira has found inspiration in her brother Logan and what he went through. “Around six years ago I was given devastating news that would change my life forever. My little brother Logan had brain cancer. We got through a couple of really hard years with the help of our strong faith in God. For about a year he was cancer free before another tumor struck, taking a turn for the worse. No amount of medicine nor faith could stop it from spreading. Although no one came out and said it, we all knew what the outcome of this would be--even my 14 year old brother knew. He never gave up though, and his faith in God was so strong that he never seem scared, but rather accepting of what was to come.

Logan taught me so much about love, faith, friendship, selflessness, kindness, and being strong. One of his last wishes before he passed away was to help other children going through what he was going through.”

Amira has taken this wish and ran with it. She continues to live Logan’s legacy every day. We can hardly wait to see what else you will do to pay Logan’s love forward.

Best of luck Amira!

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