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My Cancer Year Helped Me Discover My Purpose

Champaigne Corfee

$1000 Winner


Help me congratulate Champaigne! Champaigne previously attended Lakeland Community College where she was studying communications. She will be transferring to Lake Erie College in the fall. She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her femur in 2018. At this time she was unable to walk and lost her job because of it.

“I had 3 different types of chemo and had to be admitted for every treatment. So I lived at the hospital surrounded by other fellow survivors young and old as well as many different medical staff. Learning so much about hospital life and living with cancer. When my tumor was first discovered before being official diagnosed with cancer I was put on crutches. The reasoning behind this decision was because my tumor created a hole in my femur and at any time my femur could snap. I went from being on crutches, to being in a wheelchair after my first leg reconstruction surgery, to a walker, and then a cane. I currently walk without any medical device. I had to relearn how to walk, bend my knee, jump, dance, climb stairs, and so on. I still cannot run all the way but I have made such an incredible recovery since my rehabilitation year of 2019.

My cancer journey changed my life in so many different aspects. Before my cancer experience I majored in business management and graduated college with 2 associate degrees. I planned on continuing my schooling at a university to receive my bachelors than master’s degree. But life had different plans for me and I took a year off to deal with my disease. But I am currently re-enrolled in college; I attend Lake Erie College. But after my cancer journey I have switched my major to communications. I have done this because I want to help children and young adults with cancer. Showing them how amazing life can be and what it has to offer. It helps them to co. I currently volunteer at the hospital I was treated Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. I am a part of the Rainbows Family and Patient Partnership council. We implement new procedures in the hospital to help make patient experience safer and as pleasant as possible. We also provide patients with resources they may need during their stay. I also volunteer at various events that take place at the hospital. People tend to relate better to those that have experience with what they are going through, and I want to use my journey to help others during their journey.

My cancer year helped me discover my purpose. I believe I survived so I can make a difference in the cancer community. So I can inspire and help others dealing with this horrible disease. Helping others is a deep passion of mine and I know a communications degree would help me achieve this passion. I could make a difference in so many individuals lives and I could honor and live for those that lost their lives to cancer.”

We can’t wait to see what you accomplish!!

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