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Sharing experiences to help others

Emily Zichi


Sibling Renewal

$1000 Winner

The Steadfast Support of My Mother

We first meet Emily in 2018 when she was going into her freshman year of college. Each year since she wowed us. She attributes her successes to her mother.

“To have a continual source of support and encouragement in every season, journey, and trial changes the way we perceive circumstances, challenges, and even triumph. It means no longer having to navigate through situations alone and having the confidence that someone else has your best interest at hand. Support is subjective for each who receives it and is given in a multitude of ways, but the constancy of consolation and guidance is something that is truly unmatched.”

Emily attends Cedarville University where she is studying early childhood and special education. Her professors believe that she is in an excellent to share her experiences with her students and help them through their own journeys.

“From this point forward I have a new understanding of how I may support others because of the way that my mother has supported me. The way in which she administers her kindness, grace, encouragement, and love have portrayed an image that I would like to reflect to whoever I get the opportunity to support. “

Emily, you are making us proud and we cant wait to see where you go!