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Who is Jeremy?

Jeremy George was a 17 year-old senior in high school when he was diagnosed with TCell-ALL. After seven months of treatment, he relapsed and the Leukemia spread to his central nervous system. His only chance for a cure was a stem cell transplant, which would be performed two days before Christmas, with his younger brother, Ben, as his donor. With the transplant two days before the Holiday, the entire family would spend their days and nights at the hospital. Friends, family, their church, and their community rallied behind them and provided them with support and a Christmas filled with caring and hope. Overwhelmed by the amount of support, and knowing they could never repay everyone, they decided to pay-it-forward. That was in 2008.


Today, Jeremy remains in remission.  With that in mind, Jeremy Cares Inc. was founded. With the help of many tireless volunteers, fundraisers are held each year to help enrich the lives of children suffering with an illness, their siblings, and their parents while they are going through treatment.


Jeremy remembers every gesture bestowed on him and believes that these gestures, whether large or small, played a large role in keeping his spirits high and helping him win his battle. The journeys are often long ones for children of serious illnesses, and showing others you care can keep hope strong. Knowing what these moments can do for someone struggling is the reason Jeremy wanted to pay it forward.


We hope you will be inspired to help.

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