Ronald McDonald House Support

Through the generosity of our donors, we have provided over $90,000.00 of support to the Cleveland Ronald McDonald House. 


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In 2015, we sponsored the renovation of the

Family Patio at The House.


When the Ronald McDonald House presented the idea to us, we felt it advanced our mission of creating moments of joys perfectly.   Some may see bricks and lounge chairs, but we saw side-walk chalk parties, movie nights under the stars, families roasting marshmallows, sun hitting the cheek of a tired parent, a place to read a book, play, laugh, share stories, gain support or simply just a place of solace.  This patio represents moments with loved ones.

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  • Room sponsor for ten (10)  years which has provided for 3,650  nights for a family to stay at the House.

  • Provided 20 large flat screen TVs for the new rooms that opened in 2014.

  • Provided car seats and strollers for the use of house guests.

  • Provide a fall brunch for all guests.

  • Host Oscar Night/Movie Night for all guests.

  • Host picnics on their newly renovated patio.

  • Provided new computers for their family media room which will allow family to communicate with loved ones back home.