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First May Have Suffered, But Now We Are Stronger

Michael Tusick

$1000 Winner


Help we welcome Michael. Michaels brother was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2019. Michael will be studying engineering at Penn State in the fall. Michael has excelled in soccer over the years and won many awards. He also has volunteered at Malachi House. We were honored to be told Michaels story.

“Tragedies and injustices happen to good people every day. When faced with suffering and hardship it’s easy to feel sorry for oneself and forget all that we are blessed by. When endured patiently, we allow room for growth and to become stronger. This

past year, my family and I have grown and become closer. Relationships within a family are important, long-lasting, and filled with love. The bond in my family is uncommonly strong and we have great love for one another. This love was put to the test this year when my brother Tim was diagnosed with leukemia.

I am the youngest in my family and have two brothers and one sister. All four of us were born within a couple of years of each other so we are all very close. My big brother Timmy, who is also my best friend, I am especially close with. He’s 19 years old and I am 17, so only being two years older than me, we’ve been together through pretty much everything. He has always been the best older brother to me, even when he would torture me.

In March of 2019, Timmy wasn’t feeling well and had many strange symptoms which lead him to get his blood drawn. A couple days later the tests came back and he was rushed to the hospital. At first the doctors were unsure of what was wrong with Timmy, but his hemoglobin levels were dangerously low, which meant a very small red blood cell count. The doctors said that he was hours away from possibly dying. After more and more tests there was finally a diagnosis. Our family was told that 19-year old Timmy has leukemia, which is a form of blood cancer. This meant Timmy now must have a majority of his life ripped away just to face an unending list of symptoms, constant fear of death, go to the hospital for several nights, and have many different types of drugs and steroids injected into him. This hurt beyond levels I can describe, and for me was unbelievable. He would be in the hospital for several nights and I constantly worried about him; however, Timmy took it like a champ. Taking it day by day, he was extremely positive through it all. He never complained or even told me his long list of problems.

Following all of the hardships, so many friends, family members, and even strangers showed us an overflowing amount of love. The amount of love was astonishing and very comforting to my family. So many people were brought together because of his diagnosis.

Stepping through life one day at a time and never taking a second for granted is the image Timmy reflects. He has pushed through and is towards the end of the battle, still doing great. These past 10 months, seeing people be brought together through him has been awesome and shows there is good in all bad. Through Timmy my family, friends and I, first may have suffered, but now we are stronger. “

Michael illustrates this journey so beautifully. Cancer is a club you don’t want to join, but once you are thrust into it you see all the good. Michael you are an inspiration and a very mature thinker, there is no doubt you will do great things

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