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The Greatest Impact on His Life

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Mark Fazio

Survivor Renewal

$1000 Winner

Welcome back Mark Fazio as a 2nd time winner. Mark was diagnosed with leukemia in 2004 at the age of 4. He is currently a student at Michigan State University. He remains very active in both school and his community.

We asked Mark what he would need if stranded and this was his answer...

"The idea of being stranded on an island with only a few items or even people at my disposal has been a concept that has always fascinated me. Despite being a simple question, it is open to interpretation and elicits a diverse amount of responses that no two answers will be alike. After careful consideration, I have decided that I would want to bring along with me my grandfather, a fishing set, and a radio if I was stranded on an island.

I came to these conclusions based on what would make time feel bearable while being stranded on an island. If you are stuck on an island out in the middle of the ocean, it is only natural that you would fish because it is not only a hobby I enjoy but would be beneficial to me given the situation. In addition, fishing has always been a way for me to clear my head whenever I have become stressed out or become anxious about things going on in my life. The somberness that comes with fishing will act as a reminder that while I may be stranded on an island, there is nothing to worry about.

The reason that I would bring my grandfather to the island with me is because not only was he the one who helped me to enjoy fishing as a hobby, but he was one of the most important people to impact my life. While he may not be here anymore, I can still feel his presence through the way I act because he taught me so much about how to live my life to the best of my abilities. To be able to talk to him one more time and do something that we both enjoy doing is an experience I would not take for granted because I not only miss him, but I want him to know how much he has affected my life.

The final object that I would bring if stranded would be a radio and the main reason for bringing it is because it would allow for me to listen to music while fishing. While some people enjoy the quietness of fishing, I personally cannot bear utter silence because I am not a very quiet person in general. However, the radio would serve a deeper purpose as in it would keep me in touch with the outside world and making it so that the stranded island would not be an undesirable place but one of desire.

The idea of being stranded on an island with limited resources often conjures up images of dread or curiosity because there are so many different ways people can approach the conundrum. However, when I imagine this question feelings of dread do not fill my mind, rather a yearning feeling runs through my head. The idea of being alone with my grandfather while talking and fishing with music playing on the radio in the background is an image that I wish could happen."

Best of luck Mark in the upcoming year!

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